Stacey Dash’s “Single Ladies” Replacement will be Denise Vasi!

Original Cast of "Single Ladies"

Stacey Dash made quite an exit from the show “Single Ladies” a few months ago blaming the producers and cast members for “improper” treatment. Allegedly, there was a cat fight and diva attitude all over the set, so someone had to go.

Check out the new replacement…

We have a new woman on set now. Producer Queen Latifah and creator Stacey Littlejohn added “All My Children” actress, model, and bi-racial beauty Denise Vasi to the cast.

She will not be playing Stacey’s exact role of “Val,” but she’s playing a woman named “Raquel” who has a very similar story.  Deadline reports:

Vasi will play the new role of Raquel, a close friend of Keisha (McCoy) who is a savvy business woman from a prominent Southern family on a quest to discover passion. “Denise is the perfect addition to the Single Ladies cast,” Queen Latifah said. “She is bringing a fun, new element to the show.” Single Ladies, VH1′s first hourlong scripted series, is a romantic comedy series about Keisha, Raquel and April (Shea) – best friends with different philosophies on love, sex and relationships, proving not all women have the same desires.

What do you think? Is she a good fit for the show or will that void never be filled?

PersonalIy, I am a huge fan of Single Ladies and can’t imagine it without Dash. Then again, Queen Latifah and Stacey Littlejohn now how to make a show POP, so I have faith that it won’t sway too much from the success of the first season. (Sidenote: I still want to know what happened after VAL opened that damn door!)

“Single Ladies” begins production in January on Season 2 in Atlanta for a premiere in early summer.

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